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The latest addition to the site is a set of images of diggers at Newmarket Road. As the site is being restructured many of the images will be rescanned and hopefully some older images will be added that previously have been unsuitable but with improved scanning equipment can now be added to the site. Wherever possible names have been added for individuals if you know any of the missing names please contact me at dwwebb@tiscali.co.uk . In addition to the images I'm now intending to add text, this may take some time, however if you would like to contribute any text to any images that you are involved in contact me at the above email.

If you want to find out the aims of this project follow this link project outline or if you want to get in touch about any matters relating to this project contact me at dwwebb@tiscali.co.uk .

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The range of sites has so far been somewhat limited but I hope to expand this in future if anybody would care to invite me photograph their site or workplace I would only be to happy to include them within this project if feasible.

All the diggers photographed in this project; were willing and not harmed in anyway in the production of these images - however if any one does object to their own image appearing here contact me at dwwebb@tiscali.co.uk .

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25th May 2012 New additions to the site from Newmarket road Camb's.

7th Febuary 2010 The basic structure of the database site is now online although I still have not yet mastered the means to navigate between pages. If any with a good knowledge of ASP knows how to achieve this please get in touch.

Recentley images from this project have appeared in several publications

  • Archaeology and Women ancient and Modern Issues.ed Sue Hamilton et. al. 2007 (Cover)
  • Archaeology and the Media, ed T.Clack and M.Brittain 2007
  • European Journal of Archaeology Vol 10 No 1 2007 (review of web site)
  • Photography and Archaeology Frederick N. Bohrer 2011
Also several web sites


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